Creekside Equestrian Center Inc., Antigonish, Nova Scotia
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Frequently Asked Questions
Creekside Equestrian Center Inc. reserves the right to modify this policy at any time or without notice. Last update: October 2012

1) When is Creekside Equestrian Center Inc. open? What is the best way to contact Creekside Equestrian Center Inc.?
We're open Monday to Saturday for our lesson program. Boarders are welcome 7 days a week. We operate all year, with winter lessons taking place in our 70' x 160' indoor arena. If you choose to continue riding into the winter, proper gloves, boots, jacket and leg protection are essential.

To get in contact with Creekside Equestrian Center Inc quickly, phone and e-mail are the preferred methods. Telephone calls do not interupt lessons, so leaving a message on the answering machine will ensure that someone gets back to you ASAP.

2) What happens if it rains/snows the that day that I'm scheduled to have a lesson/trail ride? What if I have to cancel for other reasons?
Lessons will not be cancelled due to weather, unless it is extreme (extremely high winds/blizzard). Creekside Equestrian Center Inc will call you to confirm. Riding lesson students will have the option of doing a barn lesson if weather conditions are not suitable for riding.

If for other reasons you choose to cancel or reschedule a lesson, we ask that you please call at least 12 hours prior to the scheduled lesson.

3) What is your policy for students showing up late, or not at all?
If a student is unable to make it here on time, the lesson will begin when the student arrives, and will end at the time originally scheduled. The price of the lesson will be the same. However, if the student is up to half an hour late, the lesson will be considered canceled.

If a student is absent from a lesson without proper notification, the student will be charged for the un-notified absence.

4) If two or more students from the same household are attending a lesson together, am I obligated to cancel if one or more cannot attend?
No, but if any student isn't able to attend a lesson, it is expected that Creekside Equestrian Center Inc be notified of the absence prior to the lesson. If a student is absent from a lesson without proper notification, the student will be charged for the un-notified absence.

5) What should I wear to my riding lessons or trail ride? Is there anything I should avoid wearing?
All paying students must wear a helmet, no exceptions. You will have the choice of using your own, or using one of ours. If you plan to continue riding, a properly fitted riding helmet is an excellent investment. It is also important to note that fall, winter and early spring can be cold, please dress appropriately!

• Helmet - proper riding helmet or bicycle helmet
• Boots with a slight heal - proper riding boots or hiking/paddock boots are recommended.
• Long pants - breeches, jodhpurs, leggings, jogging pants
• For fall, winter, early spring - please wear a hat, gloves, jacket

• Sandals, flip flops
• Shorts
• Splash pants
• Mittens

6) For best results, how many lessons should I attend?
You can attend as many, or as few, lessons as desired. For best results however, a minimum of 1 or 2 lessons are recommended per week. This helps to keep lesson content from being forgotten, and allows the rider adequate time to practice newly learned skills.

7) Am I permitted to visit with the horses after my lesson?
Yes, students are encouraged to spend time with the horses after their lesson. You can learn a great deal from simply observing a horse in it's surroundings. Please note that if students do choose to stay after a lesson, they will not be supervised (unless previous arrangements are made) by Creekside Equestrian Center Inc, therefore parents may wish to accompany younger students. Under no circumstances are students permitted to enter the fields with any of the horses, unless accompanied by the instructor.

8) What is the age limit for lessons?
Lessons are currently provided to anyone 6 years old and up (some exceptions).

9) What is the maximum number of students per lesson or trail ride?
Creekside Equestrian Center Inc takes a maximum of 4 students per lesson (for group lessons.

10) Will students be allowed to ride alone?
No. Students will never be permitted to ride without proper supervision.

11) How does learning to ride benefit me?
Learning to work with and ride horses can be an exceptionally rewarding experience for people of all ages.

Young people can benefit a great deal from learning proper horsemanship. They will learn responsibility, since looking after horses is very time-consuming and requires a great deal of dedication; they will build self-confidence, in working with animals much larger and more powerful than themselves; they will also learn to be patient and calm when facing frustrating situations. And of course, horseback riding is an excellent way, for both young people and adults, to get and stay in shape!

12) What are your rates for lessons, boarding and leasing?
Updated Fees – in Effect as of June 1st, 2014
Payments are to be made the 1st of each month. Payments may be made by e-mail transfer, cash or cheque made payable to Creekside Equestrian Centre Inc.


    *GROUP LESSONS (on Creekside lesson horses/ponies): 
    One per week: $120 + HST = $138 
    Two per week: $220 + HST = $253

    *GROUP LESSONS (boarders/on own horse):
    $30/lesson, tax included

    3 or more riders in the same family –
    One lesson per week: $345.00

    *PRIVATE LESSONS (45 minutes):
    One per week: $184.00
    Two per week: $322.00

    MAKE UP POLICY: Lessons are progressive in nature, with the building and practicing of new skills from week to week. As such we strongly encourage regular attendance. Of course we recognize that occasionally absences are unavoidable. For this reason we allow ONE make up lesson per 4-week session for emergency or illness PROVIDED we receive at least 12 hour notice. Notice is necessary so we can arrange to fill your vacant spot with a rider waiting for a makeup lesson. NO NOTICE - NO LESSON.

LEASES (Subject to Availability) -

    Half Lease - 1 lesson, 2 practice rides/week - $300 + HST = $345
    Full Lease – 1 lesson, 4 practice rides/week - $600 + HST = $690

    *PLEASE NOTE: As of Jan 1st, 2014 - Riders who wish to show OFF property will be required to have their own or leased horse. GOLD shows require a full lease for a period of 6 months or more. Lower levels require a half-lease for 4 months or more. This is to ensure riders have access to their horse outside of lesson times to provide for adequate practice and preparation. 


    Full Board - $425/month + HST = $488.75
    Pasture Board - $375.00 + HST = $431.25

    *Some extra charges (private turnout, blanketing, supplements) may apply – please contact for specifics.